FACT: Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $2,650 - $3,600 per person; at 4Count we help reduce those costs by improving  well-being. 

Not Attracting or Keeping the Best Talent

The Nerdery

Wellness Programs Require Time to Coordinate

Absenteeism & Healthcare Costs are High 

FACT: Working with multiple vendors is just inefficient, so why not work with just one and streamline your process? 4count is a one stop shop corporate wellness program.

Attract & retain top talent  through wellness


We help corporate tech companies in their efforts to engage and retain the best talent through wellness and mindfulness. 


For a wellness program to be effective, it must take into account the employee's work life, environment and support. At 4Count, we are former techies who understand tech is stressful and time is limited, however having a positive well-being is critical for our internal code. 

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En Garde (Fencing Fitness)
Restorative Meditation

FACT:  Companies need to differentiate themselves in the market. If your company does something meaningful or novel, like fencing and mindfulness, you will become a magnet for truly talented people.

Strong (Endurance Camp)

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Many Vendors 

FACT: It takes 10 hours to coordinate each wellness initiative in addition to regular workload. So, let 4Count handle it – one time set up for the entire year.


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