- En Garde (fencing fitness)



- zumba (dance fitness)

- Office yoga

- meditation

- nutrition coaching

- wellness coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Sorry people, but we are what we eat - it's true. Staff who primarily sit all day need to make more of an effort in watching what they eat. However, just like removing a comma from code, we teach simple techniques that become healthy habits & make a huge impact. These sessions are offered for groups or individuals.


En Garde (Fencing with Swords)

Put down those phones and grab a sword - that's our motto!  Your tech guys love their video games; so bring them something they love,  learn principles of fencing taught by national fencing champions.  


STRONG (endurance camp)

Okay in every group there are a handful of athletic masters & those that just like to challenge themselves. This class will make you sweat! Yep, which means this is one of our few classes that requires your team to change into workout clothes. This one is best at the end of the day so they can go home and shower. Uses their own body weight to push them to their limit. 

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it." Well being starts from within, just like code. 


Office Yoga

Stress release, increased flexibility, muscle strength, improved respiration, restored energy, vitality, help with metabolism, weight reduction, posture improvements and sitting relief, need we go on? All these benefits from a  45-60 min class at work - wow!


well BEING

Zumba (dance fitness)

Zumba at the office! Oh yah that's right, you know you want too. This is perfect for the team members who always want to party and don't want to feel like they are working out. You know who they are...

wellness coaching

Sometimes we all need a coach to get us over that hump. Sign your team up for individual wellness coaching sessions where they can figure out what's holding them back and what areas of their life need attention. Not everything is weight loss related, so we help figure out what's bothering your staff.

Want creative minds?  Of course you do, but ping pong tables won't work. Everyone  requires restorative meditation to help re-boot out internal systems.


Eating habbits affect our energy and how we work. Get more out of your staff with healthy nutrition techniques. 


Meditation is one of the most powerful practices, we teach your staff a restorative meditation which is mantra based and can be practiced anywhere. If you want the most bang for your buck, meditation is the way to go, your staff will be refreshed and restored in less than 30 min. We shut them down and power them back up just like an install. 

How are you going to get the most ROI out of your team if they are sitting all day?  Sitting disease is a very real issue,  it’s critical that staff engage in at least 30 min of movement everyday. 




KUng Fu

Bruce Lee Kung  Fu  at work! Yep it's true, zero Impact (no running, jumping, or rolling around on the floor), requires very little space.
A moving meditation & mindfulness practice that promotes relaxation and results in better focus, increased creativity, and mind/body connection.

Attract & retain top talent  through well being