FACT: Building a  culture that is aggressive, focused, creative & innovative IS a renewable competitive advantage; failure to do so will cost you the best people.


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Not Attracting or Keeping the Best Talent

Nutrition Coaching

The Nerdery

FACT: 49% of new hires are gone within 18 months and the costs are 3x the annual salary of the hire. 80% of companies don't know how to attract & lure diverse populations  thus  missing out on priceless talent.

FACT:  Companies need to differentiate themselves in the market. If your company does something meaningful or novel, like fencing and mindfulness, you will become a magnet for truly talented people.

We help corporate tech companies in their efforts to engage and retain the best talent through wellness and mindfulness. 


For a wellness program to be effective, it must take into account the employee's work life, environment and support. At 4Count, we are former techies who understand tech is stressful and time is limited, however having a positive well-being is critical for our internal code. 

Attract & retain top talent  through wellness


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Costs of Mis-Hiring  or Targeting New Talent

FACT: If your tired of chasing your competitors or staying a step a head in the tech market, its time to make talent your differentiation strategy.

Not Building an Innovative Culture

En Garde (Fencing Fitness)
Restorative Meditation

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